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How to get 100% automated content and traffic without ever having to write or outsource another article

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You spent so much time, energy and money to write high-quality content for your blog. You spend so many precious hours researching about your blog topic and then you came up with unique blog post idea.

Once you finalize the topic and headline you start writing or you hire any costly content writer who charges you per word and you still are not satisfied and then revise it multiple times.

This is all a time-consuming task. Would not it be better if there would have been a system which would write for your blog post regularly and quality content?

Congratulations! There are solutions available to write blog posts for your blog automatically without spending hell lot of money. There are many auto blogging systems out there in the market.

With them, a blogger does not have to spend a time to write proofread and publish manually.

Sounds awesome!

The dark side

Let me make you clear first there is a dark side of it if you do not implement it wisely.

Your site may get deindexed. Your blog may get penalized for publishing duplicate content. Google loves to ban auto blogs.

Google can easily find out signal wich gives hints to it that you are auto blogging. Like you post on a specific time on fixed schedule. Your content is same as which is already in google’s index.

You use a system that leaves its footprints.

So auto blogging is dead?

No, not at all. Take an example of News and Viral sites. They publish same or similar content and they are crawled and indexed by Google.

Initially, you must publish curated and moderated content manually. You need to publish in a natural way. Once your site builds some authority you can gradually switch to auto blogging.

Which auto blogging system?

There are many out there. WordPress has many free plugins to let you publish articles using RSS feed of other sites. Here is one of the popular RSS feed to WordPress Post plugin WP RSS Aggregator.

If you want to publish news and viral articles TrendingTraffic.net is best.

What is TrengingTraffic.net?

TrengingTraffic.net is a cloud app which scans the most popular news and viral sites constantly to find the best content for you to publish on your blog and share with your audience.

It pulls stories getting massive social love. You can filter the articles by popularity/virality, posting site, keyword, and freshness, assuring the content is exactly what you need.

You choose which ones should get posted on your sites. You can manually curate and moderate the content or set it on autopilot if you want to be fully automated. It gives you the maximum flexibility that works for every blog owner.

It is very simple to setup. You just configure your settings once – freshness, viral velocity, keywords, etc – and let the system do the rest. Fully hands off quality content in under 3 minutes.

You can let it post automatically or let it publish as a draft and later you can manually proofread and then schedule it to publish on a specific date and time of your choice.

What are the Benefits of using Trending Traffic

It’s best suited for news and trending viral articles publishing. Viral and News articles have a tendency to be read and shared most. You can easily build sites like boredpanda.com, faithit.com, or mashable.com. You can even create a separate category in your regular blog and publish viral articles and share those on your social profiles to pull free traffic on your site and increase engagement in your social profiles.

Trending Traffic helps you:

Increased site traffic
Once you start posting higher quality news and viral posts, your visitors stick around longer, come back more often, and grow to like you more. Google loves seeing this and rewards you with higher rankings too.

Share your blog posts on social media profiles. Since you published proven viral content, your followers would click on it and land on your blog and stick around longer.

No software to install
You will not have t install any software on your system or any plugin in your blog. It is all web based and works with any WordPress installation.

Free Time

Instead of spending precious hours finding good content online and posting it on your blog, It does the heavy digging for you. Just sort the trending posts by freshness, viral velocity, keywords, and more, and post away!

Full Automation
If you want to start spinning up multiple sites to capitalize on free SEO traffic, this service is perfect for you. Just specify the type of content you’re looking for and we’ll post your content every day.

“DONE FOR YOU” Research
Have you ever tried finding an article on dogs that have received over 10,000 shares? Or how about a post on a viral site that is getting insane LinkedIn shares? With our service, you pull exactly the content you need.

Sign Now! https://trendingtraffic.net

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