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Convert your WordPress blog into native Android and iOS for FREE

Nearly 80% of usage is by Mobile. Smartphones have completely disrupted the internet usage.

If you don’t have an app to complement your web presence, you’re missing on a huge opportunity to build a loyal user base and grow your traffic.

Why you need a mobile application for your WordPress blog?

There are many reasons you need a native mobile app for your blog. Here are few to give your readers more value and increase your blog’s readership.

  • Raise the level of engagement. Give your readers more choices to read your blog. Keep in touch with them through push message notifications. Send regular updates through push notification.
  • Be found where mobile users are looking. People are searching for apps and utilities in mobile application stores. They would find your blog right from app stores.

Get your own mobile application for your WordPress blog published without writing a single line of code.

We provide you with an easy to use WordPress plugin which allows you to customise and manage your app from your site’s backend. Content and settings update automatically in your app.

You don’t need a developer or any technical knowledge. We take care of all the hard work to build, publish and maintain your apps for you, so there’s nothing new to learn.

Fully Native Mobile Application

We give you a fully native mobile application that update automatically with your content, run fast on iOS and Android and offer offline support, native image galleries, sharing, mobile advertising and advanced push notifications.

  • Control and customise your app from your wordpress’ admin panel.
  • Your icon and brand on your user’s home screen.
  • Native, fast and scallable user interface.
  • Deep integration with WordPress blog.
  • Push notifications to get your users engaged.
  • Professional advertising and analytics solutions.
  • Easy, native social sharing options help readers share your content.

Convert your WordPress Blog into an App

Fill up the form to get your app. We will send you your own branded application for your blog. You can publish it on different app stores, like Google Play Store, iTunes